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So much has changed

I'm sitting in a Starbucks typing this up because the place I currently am staying doesn't have internet. I'm kinda, sorta, not really homeless right now.

Let me back up a's been a crazy last month or so.
It all started in March when I decided buying a house was a good idea. In fairness, it still is. Living in Michigan means buying a home is actually cheaper than renting. I looked around, found an awesome house and put an offer in.

Right after that I had to have kinda, sorta, not really emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. It was actually causing pancreatitis which, according to the doctors, can be fatal if left untreated. So, needless to say, I was all for treating it.

Unfortunately, it came at the worst time ever. I was getting ready to move out of my apartment (my lease ended 5/31), getting ready to close on a house and launching a redesign of one of our main websites at work.

The next three weeks or so pass in a blur. I spent a week recovering on my couch and working from home. That quickly transitioned into working 12+ hours a day at work to make up for being gone. The site was set to go live 6/1, the same time I was to move out of my apartment.

The last week of May was going to be crazy (Did I also mention my mom was admitted to the hospital that Monday? Thankfully she was out by Wednesday night), I knew that. Thankfully, it sounded like we were still going to close on the house. All of the paperwork was in to close: I'd gotten home owner's insurance, transferred the utilities into my name and gotten the money together for closing (which is a whole other story in itself).

As the week came to an end, we were just waiting on one piece of paperwork from the seller to finalize everything. But, being Memorial Day weekend, it probably wasn't going to get in in time to close before the end of the month. I extended my lease by one week (at a cost of something like $95 a day) just to make it so I didn't have to move twice.

It was actually ok not moving Memorial Day weekend. It seems I got the death sickness and spent Friday through Sunday in bed. This was immediately followed by the site relaunch going from crazy to bat shit insane. I worked 48 hours just Monday through Wednesday. I was beyond stressed.

Then, as if I wasn't dealing with enough, I got a call from my real estate agent Thursday morning saying that it looked like the home sale was fraud.

Turns out the person who signed the purchase agreement with me doesn't own the home. They say they're a third party company that helps get short sales processed faster, but the sent us a fraudulent short sale approval letter (which the mortgage company figured out thankfully) and we can't get in contact with the real owner (she's out of town according to the seller's agent).

So now I was faced with no house to move into, no time to find an apartment (especially since I didn't know how long I'd even need one) and exactly one weekend to move out.

At the same time, my friend Ben was getting kicked out of his place (he'd been living with his ex for about 2 months...things went south quickly). I was starting to get worried for both of us. I'd had several friends offer me a place to stay, but not with my cats or with Ben. Thankfully my mom's best friend invited me to stay with her.

So now we're staying in her basement. She doesn't have internet or even cable TV. All of my stuff is in storage. Ben, myself and my two cats are sharing two small rooms and a tiny bathroom in the basement. The cats have to stay just in one room since the person we're staying with has a friend that brings her dogs over. Ben and I alternate sleeping on his twin mattress on the floor. The other nights I sleep on the loveseat in the room with the cats. I randomly packed up some clothes in a bag, but I don't have a closet or even drawers, so it's a little awkward to figure out what I'm wearing in the morning.

I'm keeping a fairly positive attitude. I'm trying to think of this as camping. We used Ben's cell phone as a wifi hotspot to stream Doctor Who episodes from Netflix on my laptop (yay for geek power, boo for his ex canceling his Netflix account the next day). The cats seemed to have adapted alright (Shiny more so than Wee...but he's eating and will sometimes even come out of hiding if I'm home). The drive to work is killer, but the site is now live so I'm able to take some time off (or, like I am right now, working from "home").

But to say I'm tired...both emotionally and physically, would be an understatement. I hate not knowing where I'm really going to be living. I hate the long commute. I hate not having a space to call my own. I hate having so much to do but not enough time/resources to do it all.

I'll get through it...I know I will. Heck we've already started by putting an offer in on a different house. It's just been rough and I will definitely be happy when this chapter of my life is over.

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