So much has changed

I'm sitting in a Starbucks typing this up because the place I currently am staying doesn't have internet. I'm kinda, sorta, not really homeless right now.

Let me back up a's been a crazy last month or so. Collapse )
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Short and sweet!

The surgery went well, I'm almost back to normal. It's going to make the whole move thing awkward since I can't life a lot, but I'll figure something out.

Still no word on the house yet. I have about two weeks to figure out where I'm moving to, so it's a bit stressful.

I've been doing a much better job of updating my photo blog...feel free to follow along with me there: (There's also an LJ link:

On a fandom related note...LOVED this week's episode of Doctor Who and the finale of Survivor.
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It's been a while since I've posted but I still stop by a few times a week to keep up with how everyone is doing.

Quick update from me...

Had a boyfriend but broke it off since he needs to get his life on track. Still really close, he's a nice guy. Maybe more in the future.

Put an offer on a house. It's a short sale...waiting to hear from the bank.

Surgery tomorrow for me - having my gallbladder removed Should be fine but not looking forward to it.

Work is busy but good.

Overall things are alright :) I think I may try posting here more, I miss it :)
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Long shot....

So, this is definitely a long shot but I figured it's worth a try...

Does anyone have an Nsync backpack they'd like to sell?

I've worn mine down to its last threads and it's my favorite thing to carry my Magic cards in tournaments (makes the boys I play against uncomfortable *g*).
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